Virtual Assistant Beginner Complete Guide to Get Started

In virtual assistant jobs, you will work with your client on all things digital. You will answer questions, manage emails, create documents, schedule meetings, and much more.

The skills you learn as a virtual assistant are transferable to a number of other industries, and any industry could use an extra pair of hands.

  1. What is a virtual assistant?
  2. Which companies are hiring virtual assistants?
  3. How much money can a beginner expect to make?
  4. How much training is needed before starting a job as a virtual assistant?
  5. How much equipment does a beginner need?
  6. What is the average salary for a beginner in the field of virtual assistants?
  7. What software should a beginner use for his job?

Virtual assistant

The virtual assistant is a self-employed professional who specializes in providing administrative services to customers from a distant location, typically a home office.

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular among both employees and companies, therefore the demand for experienced virtual assistants is projected to rise.

Virtual assistant jobs frequently have prior experience as an administrative assistant or office manager.

Which companies are hiring virtual assistants jobs?

Top 13 Organizations that they are hiring VA right now.

  1. Belay Solution
  2. Smith A.I
  3. Time ETC
  4. Fancy Hands
  5. Assistant Match
  6. Equivity
  7. Boldly
  8. Okay Relax
  9. Unum
  10. Flex Professionals
  11. Profit Factory
  12. Upwork
  13. Fiver

How much money can a beginner VA expect to make?

Virtual assistant jobs can make a lot of money. You should have a training certificate and the minimum certification that you can acquire is Microsoft certification. After that, you will be able to start your own virtual assistant business.

The salary of a virtual assistant is high so you can earn a lot of money. Virtual Assistants average about $20 per hour.

As a beginner, you can expect to earn about $10 to $15 per hour. However, if you work exclusively with VA’s for even a few months, you can probably earn $20 per hour or more once you build your reputation with your clients.

How much training is needed before starting a job as a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants need extensive training in order to succeed. It’s often difficult to know how to start. Here are some common questions that every beginner should Google first.

  1. What programs should I learn?
  2.  What skills are necessary?
  3.  How can I find work?
  4.  What are the hours?
  5.  Can I work from home?
  6.  How can I find clients?
  7.  When to start?
  8.  How much time it will take?
  9.  How much will I earn?
  10.  Prepare myself?

You can start working as a virtual assistant without any prior training. However, if you want to attend an online training course, you can attend one through Udemy, Edx, Coursera,, Udacity, Skillshare, and others.

How much equipment does a beginner VA need

The virtual assistant will probably need a computer, software like Skype, Google Drive, and Dropbox, and a phone with a microphone and speaker.

A virtual assistant may also need an internet connection.

An Average Salary for a beginner in the field of virtual assistants?

According to the official website of PayScale, virtual assistants jobs in the United States can earn anywhere from $10 to $80 per hour. This comes out to an average annual salary of $35,000 to $126,000.

These salaries vary greatly depending on the skills of the virtual assistant, their experience, and the type of work they perform.

A virtual assistant is any full-time worker who performs administrative or technical tasks on behalf of another person or business.

The tasks vary and can include creating documents, managing calendars, doing research, or performing data entry can make between $15 to $25 per hour.

So a first-year beginner VA’s salary will be somewhere between $4,000 and $8,000 per year.

What software should a beginner use for his job as VA?

Business App & File Sharing

  1. Google workspace
  2. Dropbox Business
  3. Huddle
  4. 15 Five
  5. Box
  6. Scalefusion

Social Media

  1. Buffer
  2. MeetEdgar
  3. DrumUp
  4. Post Planner
  5. Content Studio
  6. Hoot Suite
  7. Facebook Native Scheduler


  1. Slack
  2. Flock

Project Management

  1. Trello
  2. Asana
  3. BaseCamp

Email Marketing

  1. Bulk Email
  2. Mail Chimp
  3. Sendin Blue
  4. Get Response
  5. Time Tracking
  6. TIme Docter

Online Meeting

  1. Zoom
  2. Google Meet

These are some of the top-ranking best software that each category has its own specific Software.

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