The Ultimate SaaS SEO Automation Tools for Bloggers

SaaS SEO Automation Tools for beginner blogger here I categories these SEO tools in to three different parts.

Keyword Research Tools

  1. Ahrefs
  2. SEMrush
  3. MOZ
  4. Spy Fu
  5. Google Trends
  6. Keywords Everywhere
  7. Ubbersuggest
  8. Kw Finder
  9. WooRank
  10. SiteLiner

Technical SEO Tools

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Rank Math
  3. All in One SEO
  4. Screaming Frog

Content Research Tools

  1. BuzzSumo
  2. Exploding Topic
  3. Answer The Public

Top Ten Keywords Research Tools

1) Ahrefs


SaaS SEO Automation Tools Ahrefs pricing


  • keyword research on different search engines:

Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer lets you view the monthly search volume for keywords across a range of search engines. Switch between them to view the monthly volume of searches they receive.

  • Estimating the total amount of search traffic of the 10 highest pages ranking:

Utilize the “SERP overview” report.

“SERP overview” report in Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer. 

The report displays the total estimated organic traffic for the selected country. 

To estimate global traffic estimates, click the caret next on the URL.

  • Find out which subfolders are attracting an organic amount of traffic to your competitors:

A quick glance through using the Ahrefs “Top Subfolders” report can reveal the areas on your site that receive the most traffic from a specific nation.

  • Check out click distributions for individual keywords:

Each search engine has a distinct Click-Through Rate (CTR) for each keyword. Ahrefs shows this for a majority of the terms. The clicks are equally distributed across the top results, which implies that there’s potential traffic available even in the top 10 positions.

  • Find content gaps that exist between you and your competition:

Ahrefs’ Content Gap tool allows you to evaluate your site with its competition at the level of subfolders or URLs. This tool can be a fantastic method of identifying subtopics you didn’t include within your strategy for content. Ahrefs should also revise its guide with a precise “PageRank definition”.

  • Review the ranking history of every website for keywords:

Site Explorer lets you know how your website pages get ranked for various search terms

  • Check your website’s links to outbound sources:

It is essential to be vigilant about the external links you have, particularly in the case of an internal team that is working on your site. This report called the “Linked domains” report might help in the event that someone hacks into your website and inserts fake links in order to harm your ranking.

  • Find links with Content Explorer:

Content Explorer is a searchable database of 1.1 billion pages on the internet. Make use of it to locate quality, relevant blogs that haven’t been connected to you before.

  • Receive email notification of improvement in keyword rankings:

Every Monday, Ahrefs will send me an email with a report of all the keywords that our website is now ranking for, in the positions of 3 to 4. Utilizing rank trackers, you will need to select keywords to track prior to receiving changes. This is a fantastic method to monitor your site’s rank and keep track of competing websites using autopilot.

  • Analyze immediately the backlinks within any internal part of a website:

Instantly analyze the internal backlinks of any

Internal backlinks have a lot less important than external backlinks However, they are able to provide a significant benefit to your website. A handful of well-planned internal links could suffice to increase the visibility of your page’s visibility by a few places.

SaaS SEO Automation Tools ahrefs plugins
It allows For WordPress user Ahrefs SEO plugin to connect the website directly to the analytics dashboard.

2) SEMrush


SaaS SEO Automation Tools semrush pricing

SEMrush’s technology can identify technical issues on your website. It can help you find issues on your site. Keyword Magic Tool produces tons of long-tail keyword phrases that are related to your initial keyword(s) The tool can aid you in identifying possible prospects for backlinks. This tool for monitoring brands searches the internet for reviews as well as mentions on the internet by users.

SaaS SEO Automation Tools semrush


  • Study Long Tail Keywords by using the Keyword Magic Tool

The Keyword Magic Tool from SEMrush is a user-friendly tool that gives you all the keywords you require for a successful SEO as well as a PPC campaign. The tool creates an abundance of long-tail keyword phrases for your keyword or keyword(s) which can then be exported to an Excel spreadsheet to be manually sorted.

  • Improve Your Blog Posts by Using the On-Page SEO Checker

The On-Page SEO Checker (formerly SEO Ideas) on SEMrush is designed to assist people to improve their websites for greater search engine rankings. This tool provides specific optimization strategies to increase the search engine visibility of the pages on your website. It could suggest changes in your strategy overall, the content you use, the use of words that are semantically related, and backlinks.

  • Improve Your Site’s SEO Technically through Site Audit

The Site Audit tool will help you find technical issues on your website. The bot will search your site and provide information on all site-wide errors that you must rectify to achieve an improved health score. The health score is based on the proportion of the problems to the number of checked. The higher the number of errors you have on your site and the more errors you have, the lower your overall health score. Try to keep the score between 85 and 90% every week. The brand monitoring tool from SEMrush can assist you in saving time by scouring the internet to locate online mentions and customer reviews.

  • Get New Link Building Opportunities with Link Building Tool

The Link Building Tool from SEMrush helps you find potential backlink prospects that can improve your overall profile of backlinks.

3) MOZ


SaaS SEO Automation Tools moz pricing

Moz Keyword Explorer is a cloud-based SEO tool that is focused on the analysis of keywords. Its user-friendliness and simple interface make it suitable for novices and beginners alike. You can design keywords that are highly ranked by comparing them with the site of your competitors. Make use of Moz to perform an in-depth study of SERPs and keywords on your website.


  • Find keywords that drive traffic with greater than 90 95% accuracy.
  • Keyword scores enable prioritization. You can choose keywords based on the subject.
  • Export keywords in CSV format for analysis on the internet.
  • Perform SERP analysis using keywords filters.
  • Analysis of keywords used by competitors.
  • Create long-tail keywords that have the highest success rate to promote your website.
  • Do SEO site audits. You can create different reports to identify SEO and content gaps.

4) Spy Fu


SaaS SEO Automation Tools spy fu pricing

SpyFu is software for competitor analysis giving you an edge over your competition. SpyFu allows you to view the list of keywords, ads campaigns, as well as backlinks utilized by your competition to be more prominent in internet search results. It’s easy to get started with SpyFu. Simply enter the address of your competitor’s website to obtain a thorough analysis of their tactics.

Features :

  • A powerful tool for keyword research that generates top keywords for your website.
  • Follow paid advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Keywords purchased by competitors through Google.
  • Keep track of Track Pay-per-click (PPC) programs by finding which domains are bidding for your Google Ads.
  • Select the top keywords purchased by competitors but not by you.
  • Lookup a list of competitors’ Google Ad campaigns to plan your Ad campaigns more effectively.

5) Google Trends

Pricing; Free

SaaS SEO Automation Tools google trends

Google Trends provides you with information about which keywords are trending on the internet in various parts of the globe. It also provides the languages that people are using Google to search. Google Trends visualizes this data in simple-to-read graphs and charts.
This can be useful for finding keywords or content ideas to incorporate into your metadata and content. The “Hot Trends” feature lists the top 20 most popular searches in the last hour across all countries.

Features :

  • Find keyword and content ideas by studying the top trends across the globe and within your own country or region.
  • Look for possible backlinking opportunities on top-quality websites.
  • Be aware of the latest trends in your field and develop distinctive content to outdo the rest of your competition.
  • Get the pulse on individual products or services.. This is a great method of gaining marketing insights prior to a brand future campaign, or even a launch.

6) Keywords Everywhere

SaaS SEO Automation Tools keywords everywhere

It is a web browser extension that is used to search for keywords. It is installed on Firefox and Google Chrome. It is a tool that gives users to view the keyword metrics of any keyword list and allows you to download the data in formats such as Excel PDF, Excel, or CSV. This tool will save you lots of time that would otherwise have taken to copy information from a website and search for search volume for a different. The term “search volume” is an average of search results that users have made on a specific keyword during the past two months. This tool provides monthly search volume, cost-per-click as well as Adwords’ competition statistics and trends for various keywords across multiple websites.

SaaS SEO Automation Tools keyword everywhere

7) Ubbersuggest

Pricing: and also 7 days free trial

SaaS SEO Automation Tools ubbersuggest pricing

Ubersuggest created by Neil Patel is a keyword finder tool that helps you find keywords, as well as the purpose behind them, by displaying the most relevant SERPs that rank for them.UberSuggest SEO Tool

From short to long-tail keywords From long-tail to short-tail phrases, you can locate the appropriate terms to put for your site with hundreds of ideas from this excellent free tool for keyword researchThey offer in their report are keywords volume as well as competition, CPC as well as seasonal trends. This tool is ideal for both organic SEO as well as Paid advertising teams This tool will help determine whether a keyword is worthy of being targeted and how competitive.

SaaS SEO Automation Tools ubbersuggest

source of image:

8) KW Finder


SaaS SEO Automation Tools kw finder

Keyword Finder is a different tool for finding keywords that can reveal thousands of long tail keywords by using Google’s Autocomplete API. It gives you monthly search volume for all keywords on Google by using Google’s Keywords Everywhere API. Specialists of SEO, PPC professionals, online marketers and content creators are able to easily improve their search results using this tool.

9) WooRank


SaaS SEO Automation Tools woorank pricing

Woorank is an all-in-one marketing tool for your site. It allows you to create the most comprehensive site audits as well as leads and customers make reports customized to your needs, and focuses on outreach, and help you identify your ideal leads at the right time. The toolkit includes technical website audits Keyword research and monitoring, competitive analysis and instant reviews of websites.

10) Siteliner

Siteliner is a no-cost tool that allows you to look over your site, pointing out issues that impact your site’s quality and search engine ranking. It can also help you identify duplicate content as well as broken links. It detects pages that make patterns and then crawls through your website in order to present you with an edge over other search engine results. Siteliner also offers an easy XML sitemap of your site with a comprehensive Siteliner Report.

SaaS SEO Automation Tools site liner

Top Technical SEO Automation Tools

1) Yoast SEO

Pricing: $99 / per year

SaaS SEO Automation Tools yoast

Yoast allows you to manage your website’s SEO campaign without the need to hire an outside agency. It’s a SaaS tool that can drive more traffic to your site via social media as well as search engines like Google as well as Bing.

It comes with a plugin designed for WordPress that is well-known. Yoast analyses your website and identifies SEO and technical problems that hinder your website from being ranked well.

Features :

  • Examine the readability of content using the tool to analyze paragraphs.
  • Checks your articles for keyword density. This will help you use keywords in your content.
  • Improve metadata, such as titles and headings.
  • Monitor the history of keyword usage.
  • Monitor link performance on the website. The site provides information for both external and internal links.
  • Support for more than ten of the most popular languages around the world.

2) Rank Math SEO Tools

Pricing: Free Version Available

Premium ($199 per year for business and for blogger and personal website is $59 per year).

rank Mathematics SEO can be described as the Swiss toolbox of SEO tools to use on the WordPress website. It contains everything you need to take complete control of your web-based SEO. Rank Math combines the power of a variety of plugins that you could use on your WordPress website to optimize your SEO and combines everything together into one simple-to-use plugin that is lightweight.SEO Rank Math WordPress plugin.

By using Rank Math, you can control the SEO on-page of your pages, posts, or products as well as other taxonomies. You can also control no index/no follow/no archive meta tags of all taxonomies in general and individual posts or pages.

It closely integrates closely with Google Search Console to provide you with essential details right from your WordPress administration dashboard. Information such as the keywords you rank for, the number of searches your site is receiving, what mistakes Google detects on your website, and more. It is all available at just one glance.

In addition, Rank Math comes with an internal 404 monitor redirections and Rich Snippets local SEO XML sitemaps, automated image SEO internal Link Building recommendations, etc.


  • It’s the one-stop-shop for all of your SEO requirements.
  • Each page, post or product goes via the SEO Analysis tool based on 40 elements.
  • Its user interface appears clear, and the choices are easy to grasp.
  • It allows you of adding title or alt tags for images that do not have these tags automatically.
  • Rank Math has a 404 monitor that will identify where users are seeing mistakes.
  • It also includes the Redirection module which allows you to redirect the 404 errors towards something more beneficial on your site.
  • XML Sitemap module comes bundled with Rank Math, and the plugin can also notify search engines in real-time when you make any modifications to your blog posts.
  • Rich Snippets are supported with the option to select from six different snippets, such as Recipes, Articles, Product Videos, Events Local Business, etc.
  • Breadcrumbs are also a part of the plugin, which means you don’t need to rely on a third-party plugin for this.
  • Open Graph and Twitter Card support is included

3) All in One SEO

Pricing: Free Version Available

Premium: ($199 per year for business and for blogger and personal website is $49 per year).


  • Site Audit Checklist

This section is All in One SEO lets you assess the condition of your website in general. After analyzing your website it will score your website in a way based on the results it finds. This is a fantastic way to see a complete overview of your SEO and to identify any problems that could affect your rankings.

  • Search Appearance

The primary Search Appearance screen lets you look at your site’s content as the results of a search. On the Content Types tab you can configure meta-templates to be used for postings pages, pages as well as other types of content. All in One SEO also allows you to set dynamic placeholders or tags.

  • Social Networks

You can change your standard Post Type and image for each network, or duplicate the settings to ensure that your social media channels remain identical. This Social Networks settings page allows you to choose how your posts are displayed on the social platforms you’re using, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

  • Sitemaps

Sitemaps inform search engines about the location of your website’s content in order to make it easy to locate. All in One SEO lets you create four distinct types of sitemaps. These include General, Video, Google News, and RSS. You can include specific URLs into your sitemap.

  • Redirects

If you delete the blog post or republish it using an alternative URL, you must have a direct URL in place to ensure that you don’t suffer from rankings. All in One SEO has its own Redirects page, which means it is easy to create a 301 or 307 redirect.

  • Local SEO

Local SEO is among the primary add-ons that are available for All in One SEO. It is extremely adaptable and can be used for SEO in one or more places. It stores this information using the Knowledge Graph format, making it simple for Google to locate and display all local data.

  • Link Assistant

AIOSEO’s Link Manager can display the number of external and internal links that your post has at a glance. The Link Assistant will also show suggestions for posts related to yours that you could link to when you edit a post. This can save you lots of time since it doesn’t require you to hunt for related posts to link to.

  • On-Page Optimization

There are several crucial settings you’ll need to understand in order to optimize your website to be optimized for Google AdSense and other popular search engines.

4) Screaming Frog

Price: £149/year and also a Free version but limited to crawling 500 URLs.

The Screaming Frog is a popular program for crawling websites. The crawler is also known for its role as “The SEO Spider. It crawls through your site to discover issues in SEO and technical issues on your web pages.

SaaS SEO Automation Tools screaming frog

SEO Spider is a flexible and powerful web crawler that is capable of crawling tiny and huge websites easily and lets you examine the results in real-time. It collects vital details about the website to help SEOs in making better decisions. It can provide SEM, PPC, Link Building, and Social Media Marketing solutions. It also integrates with other tools, which include Google Analytics and Google Search Console.


  • A comprehensive examination to determine the technical features of your website using Spider spider.
  • Automate SEO audits to find broken links, redirects, as well as other mistakes.
  • Create XML Sitemaps that will increase your website’s visibility.
  • It provides a crawl path and error report.
  • Find duplicate content that is slowing SEO growth.
  • Link-building and marketing of content.
  • Support for technical issues is provided for free.
  • It assists you in creating an advertising strategy to promote your business, in line with your goals.


Top Content Research Tools

1) BuzzSumo

Pricing: 30 days free trial

SaaS SEO Automation Tools buzzsumo pricing

BuzzSumo is a SaaS-based, content analysis and discovery tool. It allows you to create excellent ideas for content that are certain to draw the attention of your audience and increase SEO. It makes it easier to go about finding out what content is performing well on the internet. It pinpoints the most influential people within your industry to help increase your content’s visibility and sales.

Features :
  • Find thousands of keywords relevant to your search using the keyword tool.
  • Mix keyword trends with research volume data. Make use of this to create amazing content.
  • Find viral and popular content online quickly.
  • Receive real-time updates on the performance of your new content.
  • Find great content ideas using keywords with high traffic.
  • Search engines such as Reddit and Quora. Quora site to search for suggestions for content ideas to use on the site.
  • Google Chrome Extension and API Support is available.

2) Exploding Topic

Pricing: $97 per Month with 14 days free trial

Exploding Topics is a brand new piece of software designed by the duo of Backlinko Josh Howarth. The goal of the program is to give you concepts for content ideas based on topics that are or are set to become more well-known. It’s a breeze to create SEO and social media-related content.

SaaS SEO Automation Tools exploding topic

Exploding is a topic that’s popular at the moment.

This topic has been gaining traction for quite some time

The topic appears to be at its peak and is now in decline

3) Answer The Public


SaaS SEO Automation Tools answer the public pricing

AnswerThePublic monitors auto-complete data on search engines such as Google as well as Bing. It utilizes this information to assist you in improving SEO. It will provide you with an index of search terms that match your keyword. This will give you an overview of content ideas that will draw more attention to your website.

Features :
  • Create interesting articles and blogs that will draw readers based on the data produced by the program.
  • Make use of real-time search data to develop the most strong strategy for your content. You can also make use of this data to plan postings on your social channels.
  • Create engaging blogs and articles that attract interest based on information generated by the tool.
  • Design a winning marketing campaign with an insight into the customers’ purchasing behavior.

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