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Top 5 Free Best AI for SEO Software That Drives 100% Traffic to Your Website

best ai for seo software

Best AI for SEO software

Search engine optimization is important for confirming that your post or content gets indexed by google search engine or another search engine or not which through you can reach many visitors on your website.

SEO is very difficult for newcomers and most of the guides you find on the internet are not very helpful for some newcomers. Instead of searching the SEO too use this SEO software for the best result.

In the article, we show you the best AI SEO software tools that every beginner blogger needs to use to get your content on the first page of a search engine.

What is AI SEO software and how does it improve SEO?

The AI SEO software uses machine learning algorithms to help you reach your audience and optimize for search engines especially google search engines.

The AI SEO software improves your content visibility on search engines while using different tools. Such as

  • Do all competitive analyses.
  • Do AI keyword research
  • SEO AI optimization
  • Link building
  • Write content that is user friendly
  • Recognize the focus keyword that you should target to reach more organic traffic from search engine
  • Understand your content analytics and data.

Top 5 Secret Best AI for SEO Software

1) Can I Rank

Can I Rank is an AI-powered SEO software that provides keyword research, competitive analysis, and suggestions for the best keywords to rank today?

It analyzes your content that is ranking on the search engine’s the first page.

It also analyzes your competitive site and suggests the recommended backlinks.

It offers you a personalized daily, weekly report that is driven recommended and identifies insights across all marketing channels.

It uses AI to gather data from your competitor’s website to suggest the extra steps to optimize your website.


  • It targets solutions for every problem
  • A senior strategist reviews your report and suggests doing some action
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Recommendation on outreach backlinks
  • A/B smart testing for analysis of each website
  • Show you a well-organized data visualization chart
  • Offers a free lifetime connection for newcomers for 1 website.


  • Free Plan: One website with some monthly limitations such as (5 keyword suggestions, 20 Link opportunities each month, and much more features are included). it helps a lot for bloggers.
  • Individual plan: $49/ Month + 5 Keywords per day, 50 link opportunities monthly, and access to all features.
  • Pro plan: $79/ Month + 7 Keywords per day, 250 link opportunities Monthly, and access to all features.
  • Agency Plan: $299/ Month + 25 Keywords per day, 100 link opportunities Monthly, content ideas, and 100 reports Monthly with access to all features.

Recommendation for Whose:

If you don’t have time for analytics and want to cut the time spent on analytics then this tool is for you. The best solution for new bloggers.

2) Market Muse

Market muse is another AI SEO platform that helps you in content research and website optimization process

Market muse accelerates your content research, creation, organic improve search ranking and optimization process while using the best automation AI

The best thing is it takes approximately about 8hrper pieces of content to do research for your content which is less than half of the time

It offers to write the best content on any topic and analyzes your content and prioritize the best opportunities.

Market Muse AI uses automation which automatically acts as an expert in your niche using AI which focuses on increasing revenue and traffic.


  • Site audits against your competitors to rank
  • Keyword  suggestion
  • Rank tracking
  • Off-page SEO optimization
  • Inventory & application  dashboard
  • Brief solution analyzer of the top 10-30 results on Google SERP


  • Free plan: 1 website, with 45 projects / Month, without a credit card, required and some limitations.
  • Standard plan: $149 / Month unlimited project and queries all optimization tools.
  • Premium plan: $999/ Month for more than one website, unlimited projects, queries, users, managed topics, pages, and more features.

Recommendation for whose:

Highly recommended for new bloggers in any niche to improve their ranking on search engines and write quality content.

3) INK

INK is another amazing and affordable AI SEO tool that helps you in SEO optimization in also content writing and copywriting. It provides you with smart SEO keyword suggestions and offers much more tools for content writing.

Most blogger uses INK for basic grammar and the tone of the content.

INK provides a complete word editor and also a downloadable version for PC to target your audience.

INK AI SEO tool recommends you optimize keywords that are similar to your content keyword to target your audience and score your article in the top 10 on search engines.


  • It uses AI automation to optimize your content against your focus keywords and competitors.
  • Import-export to MS word document and also provides you WordPress plugin feature.
  • Suggestions to improve on-page SEO such as hard to read, passive vo8ice, title, meta description, sentence, grammar suggestion, etc.
  • The user interface is pretty easy to use.
  • 50+ AI tools for advertising growth, marketing, writing, ads creation, and SEO.


  • Starter plan: only $8/ Month with access to over 50 tools which is pretty affordable and 1 user access.
  • Pro SEO plan: $44/ Month with all of their feature and 3 user access.
  • Team SEO plan: $177/ Month everything in pro SEO, customer success manager, team management dashboard, and all features.

Recommendation for whose:

If you want an AI assistant for content writing, SEO, and marketing then INK is very helpful for you as a beginner and is very affordable too.

4) Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is another amazing and affordable AI SEO tool that is a specialist in digital marketing which can improve your content and optimize for search engines.

The platform is using AI automation content strategies that enable you to build a quality backlink, increase traffic and scale your business.

The platform also lets you write an article that will rank on the first page on google and also give you specific keyword recommendations to improve.

Surfer SEO will automatically map out the plan that adjusts your audience, and niche, according to your keyword and also helps you to target niches with lots of ideas.


  • It creates a content strategy that suits your niche.
  • A complete guide on content such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO, keyword competitive analysis and scale your content.
  • Audit your site for SEO analysis.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • You will get content suggestions that will boost your ranking.
  • It maintains your content on the first page of the search engine.
  • It allows you to share with google docs.
  • Chrome extension and WordPress plugin connection.


  • Basic plan: $49/ Month with 10 articles, 20 pages of audit,s, and 1 user access.
  • Pro plan: $99/ Month with 30 articles, 60 pages audit, and 3 user access.
  • Business plan: $199/ Month with 70 articles, 140 site audits, and 10 user access.

Recommendation for whose:

We recommend a surfer SEO tool for those bloggers and writers who manage digital marketing ads and product promotion articles, content writers, and best for beginner bloggers.

5) Page Optimization Pro

It is another amazing tool for on-page SEO that help digital marketers to optimize their product on google’s first page.

The platform uses AI automation to tell you the most important element to optimize your page for better ranking and more organic traffic.

The platforms are those that publish content such as affiliate marketers, copywriters, agencies SEO, freelancers, and bloggers

Most users are experiencing the target web pages they see on the first page very fast.

Brands who are using page POP HubSpot, FreshBooks. Salesforce, SIXT, SurveyMonkey, Thomson Reuters, Agoda, springer, and many more.


  • It tells you the exact placement on your page for keywords, headers, tags, schema, and SEO.
  • works in different languages.
  • The automatic initial email and follow-up tools.
  • The platforms track the performance of your website and campaign.


  • Basic plan: $22/ Month with 12 reports and unlimited domain.
  • Premium plan: $33/ Month with 25 reports and unlimited domain.
  • Unlimited plan: $49/ Month with unlimited domain and reports.

Recommendation for whose:

To rank their material on the top page of a search engine, we recommended agency, digital marketing, and affiliate bloggers.


For newbies, SEO is extremely tough, and the majority of online guidelines are ineffective for certain newcomers. Can I Rank is an AI-powered SEO tool that offers keyword research, competitive analysis, and recommendations for the best keywords to rank for right now in search engines? Market Muse AI uses artificial intelligence to behave as an expert in your field. INK is a fantastic AI tool for improving your content and optimizing it for search engines. Surfer SEO can assist you in developing a strategy that fits your demographic, niche, and target niches.

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