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The Top 10 Great Revenue Generating Websites Ideas

10 Great Website Ideas revenue generating websites to make 3000 a month

How many times have you gotten your hands on a great idea, only to find out it’s already been done before? If you’re tired of coming up with new website ideas that are just the same as all the others out there, check out these ten websites that generate revenue and how they do it. Each of these sites has something unique that makes them stand out from the crowd, and each serves its audience in a specific way by providing them with something they’re looking for – whether it’s information, entertainment, or even just convenience.

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1. Blogging Websites

If you’re passionate about writing and have something to say, then starting a blog is a great way to share your thoughts with the world. And if you’re looking to generate some revenue from your website, there are a few ways you can do so. You can sell advertising space on your site, or become an affiliate for other businesses and earn a commission from sales.

you should try writing about comparison posts. Comparison contents are one of the great types of content which are super helpful for readers. As a digital marketing blogger, the product & services review (software, electronic, etc.) is beneficial for writing about the product and services. People are interested to read before buying to choose whether it is the best choice. You can also create and sell products or services through your website. 

For example, if you run a food-related blog, you could provide recipes, cooking tips, and product reviews for your readers. These methods will require more time than simply adding ads to your site; however, it may be worth it depending on what you want out of blogging.

2. Product reviews & Affiliate Revenue Generating websites

A website that offers product reviews is a great way to generate revenue. You can charge a monthly fee for access to the reviews, or you can offer a free trial period and then charge for access to the full site. You can also make money from advertising on the site. Many advertisers are looking for consumers to place their products in front of the right audience. 

If your blog has an active following, it might be worth considering monetizing your content with ads. The two most popular types of advertisements used on blogs are affiliate marketing links and Google AdSense ads. Affiliate marketing links give you a commission if a reader clicks through to buy the product, while Google AdSense ads show banner ads at the top or bottom of your posts.

3. Provide free tools or services

Sharing is caring and we all know it. Sharing your ideas and information with others can help foster better relationships. Your blog can be that resource. Sharing your knowledge and expertise with readers through your blog is a great way to provide value to your readers.

It may include:

No cost apps, PowerPoint templates, WordPress theme, video game codes, gift cards design, e-books, magazine, Offer a free SEO analyzer tool on your website, Provide a keyword finder tool to help website visitors optimize their content, Offer website analytics to help businesses track their progress,  Give away free e-books or whitepapers on web design and development topics, Provide a free webinar on how to start a successful blog. Etc.

4. Start selling photos online

Do you have a knack for photography? If so, you could make money selling your photos online! There are a few different ways to do this. You could sell your photos as stock photography, create a photography website where people can buy prints of your work, or even start a blog about photography and sell ads. Whatever route you decide to go, make sure you do your research first so you know how blogging websites make money.

5. Create an online Forum to Generate More Revenue

An online forum is a great way to generate revenue from your website. You can charge users a monthly fee to access the forum, or you can run ads on the site. Additionally, you can sell products and services through the forum. Your forum may be free for all members but some of the features may require a subscription. You can also charge businesses for sponsorships which will allow them to promote their products and services on your website. If you are able to attract traffic, advertisers will pay for visibility on your site.

6. Sell memberships and subscriptions

Selling memberships and subscriptions is a great way to generate recurring revenue.

There are many ways to sell membership and subscription sites, but the most common is to offer an e-book or video course for one price. Then you can sell monthly or yearly memberships that provide access to this content at a discount rate. You could also offer access to special features like private chat rooms or social media groups where people can interact with each other while learning from your content (this type of service is called “community building”).

Selling membership packages can be profitable if you have a solid product that people want. The key here is having enough demand for your product so that people will pay even more than what it would cost them just buying it outright!

7. Case Studies

A case studies blog article may be created by sharing a personal experience using your product or service in real life. If you have a connection to affiliate websites, case studies might be useful. It assists you in creating a real-world case study for your goods or services. It could increase your traffic or your earnings from the affiliate link.

8. Services marketplace

Some services you could offer include:

  • Software development, including desktop and mobile apps.
  • Web design and development, including website design and e-commerce websites.
  • Graphic design services such as logo design, social media graphics, and more!

9. Online store

You can sell physical products, digital products, and services. A physical product is something that you can touch and hold in your hands. Digital products are things like eBooks, online courses, or downloadable music records with high-quality audio files. Services include consulting services (whether paid or free), membership sites where members pay a fee to access exclusive content or receive special privileges, like early access to new products before anyone else does, etc., as well as other non-physical benefits offered by the company such as discounts on certain items purchased through the site’s store.

If you don’t know exactly what type of business model works best for your website yet then start looking at all options available until you find one which fits perfectly into your niche market!

10. Create an online course

  • Make sure you have a clear niche.
  • Make sure you can deliver your course(s).
  • Make sure that the way in which people are learning is accessible and convenient for them. For example, if it’s an online course, make sure there aren’t any technical difficulties with the delivery method (i.e., website hosting).
  • If possible, create multiple versions of the same content so that students can choose the one that best fits their needs and timeframes (i.e., a subscription model would allow someone who needs immediate help but doesn’t have time for weekly meetings or one-on-one sessions).

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