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80+ Secrets Hacks Sheet You Didn’t Know About Backlinks SEO

If you are a beginner you, started a new blog or niche, probably you heard before about backlinks and SEO. Still, you probably didn’t see it or think of it, but it is essential to understand the core of how backlinks work and why backlinks are important for your startup.

So, Backlinks are a factor for increasing your website’s ranking on Google search engines and other search engines such as Bing and Yandex.

Backlinks are the most important key factor to get higher quality DA (Domain Authority) from trusted websites to rank your site in search engines.

Why backlinks are important

The backlink shows you where another website is linking to your website, and it offers you the Domain authority of that site and how many other websites are linking to your website.

But not all backlinks are created equal. This article will explain what “quality” backlinks are and why they matter in the search engine algorithm.

I have searched over 200 hundred plus high authority websites accepting requests for backlinks. You can submit your blog or article to get traffic for your website.

The more you focus your efforts towards obtaining the best DA (Domain Authority) links, your site will be ranked.

Social Profiles Will Help You to Get Backlinks

You have a good idea for starting a website. The first step is to set up your social profiles for that website.

It can provide excellent quality links from reliable sources, and also send branding and social signals to your website. Here’s a listing of the

social profiles you can claim.

Backlinks hacks
Backlinks hacks

The following List and categories are the niches and high Press Release websites within these niches it accepts your request to consider.

Guest Posting Backlinks Submission Websites

Here is the list of Guest Post submission sites. publish your content to these sites
sign up there, Write your article post, and include links to get back traffic to your site.

  1. Inspiration 2 Feed
  2. Marketing Profs
  3. Your Personal Finance Pro
  4. Kikolani
  5. Small Biz Trends
  6. All BloggingTips
  7. Pro Writing Aid
  8. BeAMoneyBlogger
  9. MyQuickIdea
  10. Copyblogger
  11. Smashing Magazine
  12. Inc42
  13. YourStory
  14. TechWyse
  15. AllTechTrix
  16. ReadWrite
  17. Unblock
  18. Social Media Examiner
  19. TheSitsGirls
  20. Social Media Today

Marketing Backlinks Submission Websites

  1. Wording Well
  2. We The Info
  3. The Write Life
  4. The Blogging Buddha
  5. Sherman Smith Blog
  6. Robert-Corrigan
  7. Outbrain
  8. My Quick Idea
  9. Mostly Blogging
  10. Money Gossips
  11. Kiss metrics
  12. InternetMarketingBlog101
  13. Intense Blog In Bound
  14. Hub Spot
  15. Grow Map
  16. Go Blogging Tips
  17. Famous Bloggers
  18. Enstine Muki
  19. Elna Cain
  20. Daily Blog Tips
  21. Content Marketing Institute
  22. Blogging  Tips
  23. Bloggin Den
  24. Blogging Basics 
  25. Blogging From Paradise
  26. Aha Now

Techonlogy Blog Post Submission Websites

  1. TechCrunch
  2. Engadget
  3. Gizmodo
  4. iAmWire
  5. TGDaily

SEO Blogging Post Submission Websites

  1. ResultFirst
  2. Coronationim
  3. Rankpay
  4. SupremacySEO
  5. SEOPlus
  6. SEOTechyWorld
  7. 99Signals
  8. PageOnePower
  9. SEO Review Tools
  10. Mondovo
  11. MySiteAuditor
  12. LocalSEOChecklist
  13. SEOMator

Graphic Designing post Submission Websites

  1. WebAndDesigners
  2. Skyje
  3. Onextrapixel
  4. WebDesignLedger

Food Blog Post Submission Websites

  1. FoodSense
  2. FoodMatters
  3. PasteMagazine
  4. NakedFoodMagazine
  5. G’Day Chef
  6. BostonFoodTruckBlog
  7. SeriousSeats DinnerPlanner
  8. ToastTab
  9. NYCfoodpolicy
  10. OrganicDailyPost
  11. FoodnHealth
  12. FoodStuffMall
  13. Greatist
  14. FoodTank
  15. SustainableFoodTrust
  16. NewFoodEconomy


In conclusion, after you’ve read this page, your list of backlinks keywords will be a little bit different. But it will equip you with an excellent list of backlinks keywords, and once you start to use the 80+ “Backlinks” from this list, you will start seeing the same results that I’ve seen with my sites.
We want to make you realize that while the primary purpose of backlinks is to gain traffic, it’s also important that they be easy to read, as they should be. The content should be readable, and if it is, it will encourage more people to visit the site. If you can create a backlink that is relevant and readable, you will be able to better engage with your audience and increase your traffic and gain.

There are many sites available where you can get submissions for your blog these are Basic 20 Blog Article Submission Sites To Promote Your Blog every Beginner Should apply these hacks to their blog post otherwise it will not be ranked on google.

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