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If you’re a newbie blogger and you’re struggling to create an original piece of content for your blog while searching for the best SEO article writing tools to create an original post for your site. There’s great news for you.

This article will guide you through a fantastic tool for writing that lets you make multiple blog posts including blog posts ads, advertisements, marketing campaign review descriptions, titles as well as proofreading improvements, and many others.

So let's get started!

The tool we’re discussing is Anyword

I am using Anyword to run my personal blog, and highly recommend it to anyone who’s just starting out.

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • A free plan that includes 5k words in credit

What’s Anyword Copywriter AI?

Anyword is among our top AI content generators available. Anyword can produce great introduction paragraphs, an outline, and even a title. you can decide if you would like your text to be long or medium or short.

It allows easy exporting, top research tools, and assistance for WordPress as well as medium.

The program doesn’t deal with stylistic changes, therefore, if you need simple editing, you’ll need to make them yourself or employ a freelancer.

How Anyword AI Copywriting Platform Works

Anyword is artificial intelligence (AI) marketing copy-generator software that can assist you in improving your marketing efforts and boosting the number of conversions. It is a tool that can be used to create various types of content, like blog outline blogs, blog titles, opening paragraphs and SMS promotion messages, landing pages, email subject lines, advertisements, and content promotions. English is the one one which any word’s AI can generate suggestions for at the moment.

Its AI settings panel provides a variety of options for marketing content, email landing pages, ad blogs, copy as well as other projects that you could have in mind. Anyword is a web-based program that lets you write the best content for various options of advertising tools. It is able to create Meta descriptions of the landing pages as well as clickable CTAs descriptions, descriptions, as well as product names.

Write powerful copy for advertisements or emails, landing pages, landing pages, and other content

  • Facebook ads
  • Google search ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Twitter ads
  • Taboola / Outbrain
  • Instagram captions
  • Titles on YouTube
  • YouTube descriptions
  • Tweets
  • Email subject line
  • Headlines
  • Product descriptions
  • Names of the product
  • Intro paragraphs
  • CTAs
  • Blog post titles
  • Blog post outlines
  • Verizon native ads

How It Create AI Copy

  1. Input a URL, a summary, or product description to find the most effective description of the product you’d like to advertise.
  2. Select the format you would like the AI writer to write text for, as well as the tone or style you want to use.
  3. Create AI copies in a single click, scoring and sorting according to the predicted performance.
  4. Use the AI writer to create variations that you like, and then add your own copy variants to compare them with each other, and more.

Live Demo of Anyword AI Tools:

Go to this link and sign up for Anyword AI free plan without a debit card required.

Once you have signed up, you will be asked a survey question.

Then go to the blog wizard on your dashboard and then begin a new project.

You’ll be asked to provide the blog’s title or description, and SEO keywords.

After the title or the keyword, Anyword AI will automatically create a title and also display the chances of raking the title in the search engines.

The next step is to generate the outline for your blog post. it is possible to alter edit and then regenerate it. you are able to write your own outline, and incorporate it into the sections.

The next step will create the intro to your blog.

The next step is to be able to write an entire blog post for the outline you created in step 5. Here is the current version of my blog post.

You can also lookup your plagiarism and even rephrase your sentence.

I’ve completed my blog using this Anyword AI copywriter tool click here’s the link to verify the content before using Anyword If you are unsure.

Advance Features:

Ad Copy

Make use of the Artificial Intelligence Advertising Copy creator to generate engaging text for all channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Verizon, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Connect your ad accounts, select from a variety of options, incorporate promotional keywords, and rewrite the copy to meet your most important demographics.

Landing/Product Pages

You can convert your visitors into customers by designing and optimizing headers, subheaders descriptions of products, CTA buttons, and any other copy elements that you’ll need to ensure your site stands apart from the rest of the pack.

Blog Posts

You can write complete, well-written efficient, and interesting blog posts in just a couple of clicks. Include keywords, select the ideal length, and have the AI writer finish your sentences.


You can write emails to Inspire your audience to read your blog posts by creating clear short, clear, and captivating email subject phrases that grab your readers’ interest.

Product Descriptions

You can create compelling product descriptions in just a couple of clicks. Explain your service or product to Anyword and AI creates product descriptions that are optimized to increase sales.


You can increase sales by selling more products by using well-crafted text messages that can inspire your customers to purchase and stay engaged.

Custom Mode

You can learn to train the AI assistant to write copy and other content using your company’s voice, like your competitors, or as similar to your best performers in live advertising.

Continuous Optimization

You can automatically optimize the copy on-site to show the appropriate message to the correct people at the right time.

  • Anyword lets you choose from three different text options using SEO ranking scores.
  • You can make multiple versions of the information to determine which is most popular.
  • Title suggestion and make an outline, particularly to be used for blog posts.
  • You can add the keyword in the idea section for text.
  • The greatest part is that Anyword comes with a plagiarism checker.

Pricing Plans:

Free Plan:

1000 words per month first-time users have access to the post-builder for blogs that includes 5000 words.

Database Driven Basic:

  • $83 Per Month
  • 30,000 credits per month
  • Data-driven projects that help you improve
  • your copy performance for ads, social
  • posts, landing pages, emails, and more.
  • Instant scores and analytics
  • Basic copywriting tools
  • Blog post wizard
  • Policy compliance detection
  • 25 languages (beta)
  • 1 seat

Data-Driven Unlimited:

  • $266 Per Month for unlimited words
  • Unlimited credits
  • Website copy personalization: Connect Anyword to your landing pages
  • The dedicated customer success manager
  • 5 seats


  • $999 Per Month
  • Everything in Data-Driven Unlimited, plus
  • API access
  • Brand guidelines filter
  • Custom models
  • Enterprise-grade services & integrations
  • Custom number of seats

Also, you will receive an additional 20,000 words per referral. When someone signs up and joins any plan you recommend. you’ll be rewarded with 20k words for each referral.

You can also write a review to get Bonus Credits

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We suggest Anyword AI copywriting Tools for blog content writers if you aren’t able to write a large number of blog posts on your own. Anyword AI tools are way cheaper than hiring freelance content writers.

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