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8 Best Article Generator Software & Free AI Content Writer Tools

As a beginner, if you are looking for the best article generator software then you came to the right spot!

Will beginner needs the support of content writers to be able to bring your business to the next level. Finding a content writer that’s both affordable and capable of producing high-quality writing can be very challenging though. This is because there are so many writers in the marketplace, but not all of them are qualified enough or as cheap as they claim to be.

What are article generator tools?

Article generator tools are a relatively new product that allows you to quickly create articles, which in turn can be used for many purposes.

Many people want fresh content on their website but aren’t always able to generate it themselves, particularly if they don’t have a large budget to pay writers. The emergence of article generator tools has changed all of that – now you can make some great content quickly and easily. You just have to get your hands on one of these products. The 8 best article generator software.

How will the article generator help your blog?

Article generators can help you out with just about anything that writing demands (from your product descriptions to press releases, from email marketing content to whitepapers).

If you’re busy with all kinds of content writing, it’s helpful to have a tool that will allow you to quickly create relevant and high-quality texts in no time. And if your favorite programs aren’t suitable for advanced work (for example, WordPress is rather inadequate for complex website copy) or simply doesn’t provide enough features article generator software might be an excellent alternative. After all, if you often find yourself spending hours at a keyboard but receiving nothing more than mediocre results automation is probably what you need.

How to get unique articles for free while using these tools?

Many of them offer a free trial where you can get quality unique articles. You can always check out our post, which lists the best 8 AI software that is really great to use, and some of them are completely free.

AI writer’s market is on fire these days, and it’s getting harder for top brands to find original content for their websites and blogs. With Artificial Intelligence development progress, today’s software’s capable of generating new articles in such a human-like way that some experts claim that there’s no need for hiring a professional writer anymore.

How to use Article Generator Software for Product Hunting and Marketing?

Artificial intelligence software is being widely used to help marketers create more in-depth content and improve their productivity, especially when it comes to producing quality product descriptions. Today, we’re going to talk about how to use an Artificial Intelligence (AI) generator tool for hunting tools and content creation. This can be a very powerful business strategy for your next product launch because you don’t need to spend days of your valuable time churning out a decent copy from scratch. The best part? These tools won’t make you look like a cheap marketer – they produce high-quality content that actually sounds human-made.

So, here’s a list of the 8 best article generator software & free AI content writer tools that will help you with Generating top-notch content in no time.

1) Anyword AI Copywriting

best article generator software anyword

Anyword is capable of producing good beginning paragraphs, outlines, and titles. You can specify whether you want the text to be lengthy, medium, or short. Keywords that are relevant to the audience’s goals are vital for blog postings. Anyword will work with you to develop a one-of-a-kind customized blog article based on your criteria. Anyword is capable of producing good beginning paragraphs, outlines, and titles. You can specify whether you want the text to be lengthy, medium, or short.

Easy to use and affordable, Anyword is one of our favorite AI content generators out there. It offers easy exporting, superior research tools, and support for WordPress and Medium.

Anyword doesn’t handle stylistic changes well, so if you want even basic edits, you’ll have to do it yourself or find a human freelancer. It does offer machine learning optimization to create more natural writing.

How does Anyword Work?

Anyword is artificial intelligence (AI) marketing copy-generator tool that can help you improve your marketing campaigns and increase conversions. It can be used for different content types, such as blog outlines, blog titles, blog intro paragraphs, SMS promo messages, landing pages, email subject lines, advertisements, and content promotion. English is the only language that Any word’s AI will create suggestions in at this time.

The AI settings panel offers several options for marketing content, email, landing sites, ad copy, blogs, and other projects you may be working on. Anyword is a web-based application that allows you to write optimal content for a range of advertising platforms. It can produce meta descriptions for landing pages, clickable CTAs, descriptions, and product titles.

Unique Features:

  • Anyword allows you to choose from the three-text suggestion with SEO rank scores.
  • You can create several versions of the existing information to see which one gets the most response.
  • Title suggestion and create an outline, especially for the blog post.
  • You can include the focus keyword in your text ideas section.
  • The best part is that Anyword includes a free plagiarism checker.


  • Free: 1000 words per month first-time users get access to the blog post builder with 5000 words.
  • Data-Driven Basic: $79/ month and 30,000 words per month with 25 languages.
  • Data-Driven Unlimited: $239/ month for unlimited words per month and it connects with your landing page.
  • Enterprise: Unlimited words with API access, custom modules, and custom seats.

Also, give you 20,000 words per affiliate referral when someone signup and subscribe to any plan through your referral you will be rewarded 20k words on each referral.

Recommendation For:

We recommend Anyword AI copywriting Tools for blog content writers if you can’t manage a lot of blog articles by yourself. Anyword AI tools are way cheaper than hiring freelance and content writers.

2) Article Forge

best article generator software
article forge

The article forge is one of the most powerful and flexible AI tools available. A forge is built with artificial neural networks that learn and adapt to new data as it comes in.

Once these networks are set up, users can upload sources and create a unique piece of customized writing. Essentially, all you have to do is pick sources on any topic, input them into the forge and hit go. Within seconds or minutes, you will receive an original piece of writing in which all of the words were made up by the forge’s neural network system.

It can create articles about business, technology, finance, and health. Just enter your keywords and text length, and the app will do the rest. The one-click generator is simple to use, SEO-friendly by default, and capable of handling the majority of article subjects.

How does Article forge work?

Article forge is easy to use just enter keywords you want to write about and sub-keywords such as (features, pros, and cons). It will generate a unique article in a minute. You can set the article length from 250 to 1500 words. You can also set titles, headings, images, and videos.

Article forge is used for different types of content such as technology, business, health, and finance.

Article forge writes articles in 7 different languages ( English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and French.

Unique features:

  • Article forge automatically adds the relevant heading, titles, images, videos, and links to your content.
  • Article forge also gets you access to connect with WordPress through plugins and post your content directly from article forge platforms.
  • Write unlimited articles from 250 words to 1500 long blog posts.
  • 7 days free trial version and 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Users can customize keywords to replace keywords with links.
  • SEO-friendly and user-friendly layout.


  • Standard Plan: $57/ month with 250k words per month.
  • Unlimited Plan: $117/ month and unlimited words per month.

Recommendation for:

We recommend Article forge for blog content writers if you can’t handle lots of blog articles by yourself. Article forge AI tools are way cheaper than hiring freelance and content writers.

3) Article Builder

best article generator software
 article builder

Article builder is also the most popular and cheap content creation tool. It can generate unique content that you needed for your blog or product etc.  Article builder is often used by small businesses, bloggers and agencies.

When it comes to ranking in the search engines, we all know that content is king but everyone ends up with the same articles, and these days in search engines that’s really bad, so how do you get your content to stand out from the crowd the article builder is one of the amazing platforms that give you more choice to write in a unique article for your blog post.

How does Article Builder work?

There are three main functions of article builder.

  1. Build-in article
  2. Inject content
  3. Post your content on WordPress Blog

Article builder uses super spun content, the user should just enter the keyword and select to create target words for the article such as how long the article should be from 300 to 1000 words.

It also has to select the option of how many articles to write and the category for content types. Users can download the whole generated text into a zip file.

The article builder panel offers multiple options of content type, like weight loss, home improvement, travel, internet marketing, fitness, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, finance, blogging , and another project you may be working on.

Unique features:

  • It provides 90% unique article and generate form 300 to 1k words on each article.
  • It provides the vlog service to automate your generated content to publish on WordPress website automatically.
  • It can generate content on a multiple niche.
  • It supports new content with the help of super spun article tool and it turn out unlimited numbers of spun articles.


  • $127 for each year article builder simply offers the annual billing subscription plan with 30 day money back guarantee.

Recommendation for:

If you just start a new website article builder content is very distinctive for your niche and also very helpful for affiliate marketing. article builder works with an API compatible with next link building tool and software. So the article builder is essential for you because it allows you to easily create individual tips articles for your backlinks. One of the best aspects of Article Builder is the wide range of niches that it supports.

4) Nichesss

best article generator software

Nichesss is a Google Cloud platform-based artificial intelligence program. Can help you come up with new blog posts, business ideas, and social media content. Can also produce sales pages, affiliate sales videos, and other types of content. The system is interactive it poses questions to you, and you must respond.

How does Nichesss work?

Nichesss is an AI-powered content creation tool that lets users create content like company ideas, profitable niches, marketing copy, social media posts, and more. It’s ideal for busy professionals who spend hours each week attempting to come up with the correct phrases and unique ideas. Users can go from idea to content creation in minutes using the Nichesss platform. The platform provides additional keywords and tags to help your website rank higher. The user’s web-based data is analyzed by AI-powered research, which provides a list of subjects and keywords.

Nichesss can write promotional text for almost any product, subject, or service. The material will then be provided to your mailbox for free in a professionally designed Word document. Nichesss employs a fantastic technique.

Unique Features:

  • Nichesss generate 95% unique articles and give you three choices of three different sets of paragraphs.
  • One of the unique features is Nichesss is a multiverse platform to create a custom idea, marketing plan, ads, title and description for blog post or YouTube videos, write emails, keyword research, FAQ question and answer generator, Quora campaign and much more features available.
  • It will generate a three-set of content paragraphs to choose itself the best.


One-time purchase only $59 with unlimited features whatever you want to do and also give you 7 days free trail access with all features.

Recommendation For:

We recommend Nichesss for blog content writers and marketing plan product & services. if you can’t handle lots of ads, title, description, and blog by yourself. Nichesss AI tools are way cheaper than hiring freelance and content writers. The point is that you just subscribe one time for life time.

5) Rytr

best article generator software

Rytr writes your content for you using artificial intelligence. To develop compelling content for your website or newsletter, it combines AI and human editors. Anyone with a website, including businesses and individuals, can use Rytr platform. Free samples of the company’s services are available, as well as a free trial option, so you can get a better understanding of how it works before committing to something long-term. Its dashboard is clean and straightforward, with well labeled buttons and useful visual indicators indicating which areas require attention.

How does Rytr work?

Rytr is an AI-powered content writing software that can handle both short and long blog entries.

  • SEO and blog titles
  • Business or brand names.
  • AIDA and PAS copywriting frameworks are supported.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google, and even LinkedIn ad copy
  • Create job descriptions and even questions for interviews.
  • Answers on Quora (Can find answers to most of the questions)
  • Song and Story (I am yet to try but sounds amazing)
  • Text Revision (Shorten, Rephrase, Append or Expand existing content)
  • Descriptions of YouTube channels, videos, and headlines, among other things
  • Create email messages and responses
  • Others include social bios, calls to action, and so forth.
  • Make an SMS template.

Short content can be simply written, such as SEO titles, AIDA/PAS marketing frameworks, Blog titles, Blog outlines, emails, queries, replies, social network bios, advertisement copies, and more.

Blogs, books, landing pages, and website content are examples of long-form material.

You may also utilize Rytr to come up with post caption ideas, brand or product name suggestions, and even a compelling product description.

Rytr features a specific one-click solution for rewriting or reorganizing current text.

Unique features:

  • Rytr can write 20+ content types from emails & blogs to ads & social media advertising.
  • Rytr support over 15+ languages and 20+ voice tone types to provide granular control over the input quality
  • It allow you to connect with you website through plugins and API on popular platforms such WordPress, shopify and more.
  • Rytr can create a unique and engaging copies for you within second.


Rytr is one of the most affordable AI writing tools ever. Rytr offers three  basic plans:

  1. Free plan
  2. Saver plan
  3. Unlimited plan

You can generate 5000 characters each month for free with this package. As a result, you can test the tool before purchasing the paid version.

Saver Plan: For $9 per month or $90 per year, you get up to 50,000 characters, 30+ use cases, 20 tones, and access to a premium community.

Unlimited Plan: The plan allows you to create an unlimited number of characters and includes everything included in the Saver plan, as well as a dedicated account manager and priority email and chat assistance. You’d pay $29 each month or $290 per year.

Recommendation For:

we recommend Rytr for Bloggers, SEOs, Ad strategists, or copywriters, Video or Script makers, including Youtube users, Professional content writing agencies, Job consultants ( E mailers, and interview questions), Lyricists, and tale writers are all candidates for Rytr (It can write stories, poems and songs).

6) Copysmith

best article generator software

CopySmith is a free platform that helps you in creating social media content. It creates appealing and correct photographs for your Instagram feed, Facebook page, and other social media platforms by combining artificial intelligence algorithms with skilled human authors. and  It lets you make ad for Amazon, Google, Facebook, and other sites.

How does Copysmith work?

The Copy smith covers over ten different categories of content.

  • Fill in the details about your project, such as the company name, target audience, keywords, and description.
  • To get a dozen possibilities, click create.
  • You may organize and edit content.
  • The AI will improve at recommending high-quality text.

The Copy smith include (AIDA framework, Pain-Benefit solutions, listicles, captions, and YouTube descriptions) are among the system’s more noteworthy features.

It’s best for ecommerce, not so much for bloggers or content marketers (and it doesn’t even offer email creation).

Unique features:

  • It provides 10+ types of content and to get a dozen possibilities, for every query.
  • Easily organize and edit content to share copy.
  • The AI will improve at recommending high-quality text and also learn as you’re using it.
  • Let you sign up free trail with no credit card required.


Copy Smith 3 basic plans:

  1. Starter
  2. Professional
  3. Enterprise

The Starter plan costs $16 per month when invoiced annually and includes 50 credits every month. It also includes 20 plagiarism checks

The Professional plan is $50 per month and includes 250 monthly credits, and 100 plagiarism checks.

Users are assigned their own account manager for personal onboarding and guidance, which is incredibly useful if you’re managing a large team. Enterprise plan costs $499 per month as well as unlimited credits.

Recommendation For:

We recommend Copysmith AI writing software for short-form content. Whether you need snappy headlines or attention-grabbing commercials, Copysmith will generate dozens of ideas to wow readers and save you time brainstorming.

7) SEO Content Machine

best article generator software

SEO Content Machine is an AI-powered tool that generates high-ranking content for any keyword in any language. The app can also source content inserts like images, videos, tweets, and more. It then posts directly to WordPress or Blogger, or any other platform that supports posting by email.

With SEO content machine you can create SEO optimized, human readable and engaging content in seconds. It’s a fully automated tool powered by Artificial Intelligence that creates ready-to-publish articles with no fuss required on your part.

How does Content Machine work?

SEO content Machine is downloadable software that runs on PC, MAC, and Linux, without the use of emulation software. It supports a variety of languages in addition to English, allowing you to work in the language of your choice.

Now generating high quality contents is as easy as You just enter your keyword and instantly get 2 different human versions of an engaging and informative piece of content. The first one is based on an infographic, while another is a simple text story rich with keywords. And each version will be automatically inserted into a properly formatted Word document for your convenience. So instead of spending hours creating articles for web pages or blogs, you can now let machine do it for you easily.

Unique features:

  • You can create full-featured content with SEO Content Machine (add images, videos, sub-headings, questions & answers, lists, and tweets).
  • The software allows you to post content to your WordPress site automatically. You may also schedule the post for a future date.
  • It supports multiple languages in addition to English, allowing you to work in your favourite language.
  • You can rewrite existing content with the help of the rewriter tool if you wish to reuse it. All of the popular rewriters are supported, including Spin Rewriter, Chimp Rewriter, and WordAi.


SEO content Machine offers 4 types of pricing plans:

  • Monthly:    $27/month
  • Quarterly: $57 every 3 months
  • Yearly:      $120 per year
  • Perpetual: $197 for a one-time charge, you can get lifelong access to the software.

Recommendation For:

Recommended for Affiliate marketers and bloggers. The software generate high volume of content that rank well on search engines.

8) Adzis

best article generator software

AdZis is a unique content generator that speeds up product description writing for targeted, SEO-optimized copy. It can help online stores, real estate listings, classifieds, online marketplaces, and travel portals. The platform is available as a do-it-yourself web app and Shopify app.

How does ADzis work?

Adzis AI will generate the product descriptions for you. Our copy writing experts will help you with the writeups. Adzis using 5 categories (product description, blog post, videos, social post, SEO meta / title) Each category have different price and strategy and much more option.

Unique features:

  • Ecommerce software that’s all-encompassing
  • Multiple AI programmes with publication-ready descriptions are both cost-effective and of excellent quality.
  • No credit card required for the free trial
  • Pricing that is suitable for small businesses
  • Large-scale solutions are available.


The company’s three-tier system includes plans with real human editors, and custom-built solutions for ecommerce and blog posts. Prices start at $60 for 100 descriptions and go up to $120 for 150. also 30 days free trial for and demo account as well.

Recommendation For:

Recommended for online shop, product description meta and title. It is very helpful for ecommerce stores.

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