20 Blog Article Submission Sites To Promote Your Blog

There are many sites available where you can get submissions for your blog. Some of you may be confused with so many sites, stay with me here I will go over the top 20 sites that I have used in the past and still continue to use.

article submission sites
Before starting Ist let Discuss Article Submission

What is Article Submission & How it works?

Article submission is a method of guest blogging that involves submitting articles to different websites. This method of guest blogging is a great way for getting your site’s name out there, as well as getting backlinks to your site.

Blog submission sites are sites that allow you to submit links to your blog so that it will be posted on a number of blogs for online promotion.

These sites do not work in the same way that article submission sites do, as the blog owner does not have much choice about what is posted to their website.

Instead, the blog owner signs up for the blog submission site and allows the website to post whatever blogs they want to the website.

Once the blog is posted, the owner of the website may have to deal with spam comments and other issues that come from the submission.

Since it is the blog submission site that is posting the blogs, the traffic received by the website will be from a number of different sources, which may be good or bad depending on the sites which you are using to post articles.

The benefit of Submitting Your Blog Post

Article submission sites are very useful for SEO. These sites provide backlinks to your site, which helps the website to rank higher in search engines and also helps in building brand awareness. It also helps in getting quality backlinks. such as the following….!

  1. Increase website visibility.
  2. Get quality backlinks.
  3. Get more visitors.
  4. Increase the traffic of the website.
  5. Get more hits.
  6. Increase page rank.
  7. Submit your site to top article directories.

The Main Disadvantage of article submission is that you must hire a writer who can produce high-quality articles for you low-quality articles with mistakes can only serve to destroy your site/blog reputation.

20 Blog Article Submission Sites To Promote Your Blog To Get Organic Traffic

6QuuuQuuu. co
14Find a
15Scoopitscoop. it
18GrowthHackers communityGrowthHackers
20Business 2 communityBusiness 2 community

These sites provide backlinks to your website, help the website rank higher in search engines and also help in building brand awareness. For more click here

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