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10 Effective Content Writing tips for Beginners to be a Professional Writer

Content writing is a dream for many peoples. You can’t stand around waiting for it to occur. Put yourself out there and make connections that will lead to writing content.” — Neil Pate

If you’re looking at content marketing as a way to generate more revenue from your blog, then you’re definitely in the right place. From an article writing perspective, content is produced to be read and shared, which is what keeps the content marketing process going.

You might be a marketing manager, a content writer, or even a blogger. One thing we have in common is the need for content. As we continue to write more, the better we improve. If you are not writing, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Content Writing

Content writer

A content writer is a person who can write content (i.e. articles, blogs, etc.). His content can be for a website, a newspaper, or a magazine.

Fields of Content Writing | Forms of Content Writing

  • Web Content                                           
  • Academic
  • Articles
  • Business
  •  Freelance
  • Ghost Writing
  • Journalists
  • Reviewers
  • Blogging
  • Technical Writing
  • Website Content
  • Blogpost
  • Product Descriptions
  • Technical Manuals
  • Newspaper Articles
  •  Social Media Content
  •  Ad Copies

How to Become a Content Writer

Writing content is not hard. If you know how to write emails, think how friendly you want your website to be.

10 Most Effective Content Writing tips for Beginners to be a Professional Writer

1) Find a Niche Idea

There is an idea behind every Niche blog. These are the two most important questions every beginner should ask themselves before deciding on the Go to Niche idea of the blog.

  1. Do you really enjoy talking about that Niche?
  2. Are you interested in it or Not?

As a beginner in content writing, you should need to find a niche that will help you rank high on google search engines and others too.

2) Do Your Research Before Choosing the Topic Based on Keywords

As a beginner, it doesn’t seem easy to find more topics related to your niche idea (product and services).

You must believe that you’re a problem-solver due to the fact that ” Mindset is everything, how you believe

You become.”

  • Use Google Keyword Planner Researcher Tools
  • Search Related to Your Niche Keyword
  • Explore What Your Audience Loves About
  • Identify Blog Purpose
  • Outline that You Think You Could Improve By Using Your Blogpost
  • Identify A Problem Related to Your Niche
  • Make Lists and Categories

As a beginner, I suggest you go with the low-difficulty keywords and choose your topic below 30 DA to rank your post on search engines. Use MOZBar extension. It will show you the ranks and backlinks on search engines.

3) Focus on the Challenges your Readers Facing

  • Please focus on the challenges your audience faces in their daily life routine write about them.
  • Keep tacking what your niche-related audience hates or loves.
  • Find out what your readers love about your subject is engaging your readers via the use of a digital platform, such as ( Yahoo Answer, Reddit, and social media channels ).
  • It means that you’ll be able to convince more of your readers to join.

For example,  if you pick a field like web-based content marketing The targeted clients can vary from 20 to 35-year-olds in the specific niche. Your ideal customer is one who is well-informed on the products they are consuming but is always looking to find out more about something they’re not sure of. This means that it’s time to make a decision and begin your own business.

4) SEO Content Writing

  • Don’t use lengthy Paragraphs
  • Heading and Subheading
  • Use Bullets Points
  • Images (better to use infographic because sometimes pictures say more than words).
  • Don’t Repeat Yourself
  • Use More Active Voice Sentence
  • Use Inspirational Quotes
  • Don’t use Complicated Words. Make it easy for your reader. They will love it.

5) Avoid Paraphrasing Tools

“Paraphrasing means forming another’s ideas using your own terms.” What’s technically illegal and not legal?

What paraphrasing tool do to change the synonyms of the words sometimes it changes the whole meaning of the sentence.

Two common features of that are used to paraphrase can cause your writing to plagiarism

  1. The sentence has the same structure that the original has
  2. The sentence contains the exact words that the paraphrasing tools alter the synonyms..

So, avoid paraphrasing tools. Instead of using these kinds of tools, google your keyword, read 3 or 4 article blogs and make your own instead of copying someone else’s idea.

6) Always Check Plagiarism

Plagiarism is copying words from someone else’s. or ideas and pretending it’s your own. Plagiarism is the copyright infringement of another person’s work, and it is illegal.

Plagiarism is now a serious problem. Beginners make the error of “taking someone’s words, pretending they are his own,” which can be dangerous to their blog. When it comes to monetizing their blog with google AdSense it creates a big problem for the blogger

A Common Mistake That Every Beginner Does

  • Coping someone works without giving credit
  • Putting a quote in quotation marks to avoid plagiarism
  • Putting wrong details about the quotation source
  • Using Paraphrasing tools to change the synonyms

If you use someone’s words, images, or videos (e-books, etc.) make sure to give credit. Without crediting the source, then that will be counted on plagiarism.

So, always check your content after the final touch for plagiarism. Some free Plagiarism tools are:

7) Proofreading

Proofreading is the process of evaluation of correctness, such as grammar mistakes, punctuation, spelling, omitted words, repeated words, spacing, and formate and typographical mistakes.

The Two Best Tools for Proofreading

  1. Grammarly
  2. Ginger writer

These tools will help you with grammatical mistakes, spelling, and repeated words.

Content Writing

8) Start From Yourself

I suggest that if you’re a beginner, you start with yourself (blogs, social media presence, quora answers, etc.).

  • Starting your blog is the best career and a great way of learning for a content writer. A personal blog can help you to develop your writing abilities.
  • As a content writer create your Social Media Presence make profiles on the social media platforms such as linked, join facebooks groups and communities.
  • Go for Quora answer which will help you to promote yourself and people may recognize you as well.

If you’re confused about Niche and Blogging Careers you can also read How to start a blog that gives you a kick-ass career this article will help you to find A niche that is linked to your interest.

9) Always Remember to Conclude Your Article

Be sure to remember the conclusion, as the conclusion is the last step towards the reader that is most of all the reader of the time just to the end to conclude.

So, the conclusion Is the final piece of your content article to show the impression of the entire work.

6 Tips for writing the conclusion:

  • Include a key component of the subject sentence
  • Restate your introductory paragraph
  • Summarize the whole idea
  • Avoid information about the plan and new ideas or related posts it confuses the reader.
  • Don’t put any images
  • Make it short

10) Content Structure

The most important aspect of a writing career is content structure. The main purpose is that your reader should keep reading your content.

The issue is, how do you keep them reading and Telling the story.

Used these three methods for the content structure strategy.

1) Inverted Pyramid Style

Content Writing Pyramid
Source of image:

As you can see in the infographics it shows the most important information which is the main point of your articles such as post intro. 2nd supporting point in the center body of the article. This is the topstrategy you can follow to achieve your goal.

2) Slipper Slide Formula

Content Writing
Source of Image:

The sole purpose is to keep the reader continuing to read tell the end. Use slipper slide Formula for your content’s structure.

3) AIDA Copywriting Formula


Pay attention to the first line in order to draw the attention of others. To do this, you must be aware of what your target audience is initially.

INTEREST: After the attention steps talk about the (values, History, Information) it will create interest and keep then scrolling.

DESIRE: After interest, you should develop a desire in the customer’s mind to buy products/services or continue scrolling.


Always put in a “Call of Action” button. If the buyer decides to purchase something, it will benefit you a lot.

AIDA Content Writing Pyramid

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